Parallax Digital Assets We can help you reviewing e-commerce, software and content licenses, IP, GDPR & Privacy Shield Compliance, Fintech products, etc;
Digital Transformation

Digital Consulting Services

Although digital transformation is a priority to all businesses, adopting technological changes can be a daunting task for some companies. As a digital transformation consulting company, Feenix Consultants offers IT solutions that enable organizations to implement their technological strategies successfully. The following are some of our services.
Digital Training

Training courses on digital tools in main key areas such as: (i) computers, (ii) digital security, (iii) digital transformation, (iv) cybersecurity, (v) GDPR, (vi) internet and social networks.

We can coach business companies how to create a website, SEO, awareness of security and other aspects of privacy. We can manage  mobile app development and use smartphones at their full potential and to integrate businesses into the digital market to enable them to increase their sales and ROI.

Contracts/ Agreements
  • E-commerce agreements;
  • NDA's;
  • Software licenses;
  • Content licenses;
  • Trademarks fillings;
  • GDPR & Privacy Shield Compliance;
  • Fintech products;
  • Google - Apple compliance;
  •  SaaS - Cloud services;
  • Software development;
  • EULAs, Privacy Policies and Terms of Use.
Enterprise technology

We will help you determine what technological systems and people you need to enhance your performance. At Feenix Consultants, we provide expert advice to address all aspects of change in technology, such as digital initiation, digital transformation, system migration, modernization of systems and architecture, and staff training.

Advanced analytics

Our research approaches will help make sense from your dataset. We use modern data analytic tools to generate insights for decision making. Our data analysis findings can help transform your organization to achieve better performance.

digital transformation strategy that is in line with your business objectives

Our Digital Transformation Benefits

We believe that our innovative strategies and services can allow you to achieve results and make your digital transformation a reality. At Feenix Consultants, we will help you adopt the digital transformation best practices and help you find solutions to your business challanged.  We can also engage with your team  from the start, establishing clear goals, approaching transformation with a business mindset, synchronizing your efforts, and making it easy for customers and partners.

Overcome Cannibalization

Through our consultancy, you will adopt and execute your digital transformation ideas despite the ownership challenges. Whenever a digital idea is embraced, a new business model emerges to cannibalize the existing one. Feenix Consultants will help you overcome the fear of cannibalization, welcome change, and become a disruptor

Speed of Data

Nowadays, many organizations’ processes and infrastructure don’t match the volume and velocity of their data. Our team will help you devise innovative solutions to manage the volume and speed of data

Real Time Data

Getting real-time solutions to your business problems are vital for the success of your organization. At Feenix Consultants, we will help you adopt an innovative approach to enhance security, connectivity, and speedy resolution of all issues in your company

Adapting to the Digital world​

Several companies find it challenging to change their course. For instance, some firms still cling to their old models of marketing their services. Digital marketing has revolutionized product advertisements across different sectors. Our marketing experts will work with you closely to develop a digital transformation strategy to enhance your online marketing.
Our digital transformation consulting is for all businesses, from micro to large enterprises. At Feenix Consultants, our experts use digital transformation approaches anchored on technology to enhance sustainable business performance.
At Feenix Consultants, we understand your diverse business needs, and we can design a customized technology solution to help you upgrade your business functions. For instance, our team members can assist you in leveraging intelligent automation and technology to enhance user experience.
In today’s business environment, various companies use analytics to derive business value. Our digital transformation strategies are intended to provide solutions to different organizations to enable them to attain large-scale automation.
The existing digital advance in technology is one of the main challenges for micro or medium business which are crucial to many economies. Companies are having to always adapt to new technologies at the same pace technology is progressing.  However, for these businesses, internal capacity and resources are not catered to cope with the pace of digital transformation.
With digital transformation, you can innovate and accelerate your business process from the beginning to the end. As a digital transformation consulting firm, Feenix Consultants will help you adopt cutting-edge technologies to achieve real-time action for new business opportunities. We aim to develop a digital transformation strategy that is in line with your business objectives.
Challenges are different for a different type of business sizes, and for micro and small business need various support measures according to the level of digital technology and scope. To succeed in your business operations, you must overcome the technological challenges to align your speed of actions with opportunities.